Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I was astonished to see that my office was a ghost town by 330 pm.  When did it become acceptable to just leave work because you had to be home so your kids could trick or treat?  Well, I'm not complaining .... I was going too because my kids are at that age where you never know what could be happening and I've had a bad attitude lately so I felt I needed to cut out early.  My company has been acquired and the new company is undoing all the wonderful things we have built over the years.  It's business and it's life, but it's still hard.  I've spent 8 years with this company, the longest I have ever been with any company in my career and I really love my job, it's a painful process.

Driving home I was surprised to see how many parents dress up to take their kids trick or treating.  It was bittersweet because my "baby" is now 20 and although he just stopped trick or treating last year (ha), it's a little sad.  However, the truth is, all that stuff kind of aggravates me now....I'm getting old and crotchity, I think.  The husband and I escaped to the Chinese restaurant and had dinner.  When we got home, we turned off our light (the universal sign for "no trick or treating welcome here") and retreated to our bedroom where we watched tv quietly with our dogs.  Best Halloween to me!  Does that make me a scrooge?  I think not.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Checkin In....

Hey world ..... new blogger incoming!  I've attempted to start this blog about 50 different times realizing that I have a lot of conversation going on inside my head.  So lucky world, you get to the the receptacle in which I dump it all.

My hair color is probably my biggest part of my identity in which I really connect with maybe because I've been a redhead since the beginning of life.  Besides a brief time in high school when I was blond in the front and dark in the back (my mother's way of reconciling herself with the fact that she wasn't "really" allowing her 14 year old daughter to dye her hair) and the time I went for the "frosted" look and my boyfriend told me that it looked like I had gray hair, I've really always loved being a redhead.  It set me apart.  It made me different.  It's rare.  It really is me.

Some people say redheads are crazy, I prefer passionate.  Sometimes we seem crazy to other people but we are just really passionate about life and all there is to discover.  No apologies!

Anyway, I'm in my early forties, I recruit for a living and I live in the burbs of Chicago.  I am the mother of 3 and married for the second and last time in my life.  My husband is a big stubborn but good man.  I'm blessed with wonderful people in my life .... my dysfunctional and mostly ridiculous family and my love-me-in-their-own-way friends.

I'm plagued with curiosity.  I'm always interested in what makes people tick, I'm intrigued by self improvement and cursed with an over achiever attitude.  I'm a little artsy, a lot chatty and not at all analytical (although I have over analyzed my entire dating life before I was married).

I have two dogs, Huey and Ellabella that I love more than life.  You'll hear more about them in my posts!

If you are reading this you are likely a lover of reality shows and you kinda get off on stalking the real lives of hopeless bloggers like myself.  Join the club.  Stick around, you know you want to.  ;)